WODS 12/2/19 to 12/6/19

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Monday December 2

“Championship Helen”
400m run
21 KBS 53/35(American)
12 Pullups

Here is one of the best tests of aerobic capacity we’ve got. Set a pace you can maintain on the run!

Tuesday December 3

CrossFit Total”
Back squat

Here is where we see all those squat waves pay off. Lets see what ya got!

Wednesday December 4

Alt EMOTMx8 3 HPC/3 PJ

“Snack Bar”
.6 Bike
10 Hang power cleans 135/95
500m row
10 Push Jerk 135/95

Today we go from the hang to take it easy on the back. This will burn the lungs but will allow the joints to recover. I want you to scale so you can BRING IT on the row and run.

Thursday December 5

“Roman Candle”
16 min AMRAP
12 Burpees laterally over DB
50 DU
10 TTB
50 DU
12 DB lunges 2×50/35

Friday December 6

“Snake Doctor”
12 Box Jump overs 24/20
1 Rope climb
12 power snatch 95/65
1 Rope climb
12 overhead squats 95/65
1 Rope climb
40 abmat situps
Then cashout 400m suitcase carry 1×53/35

Use the rope climbs to pace, attack the other stuff. The suitcase carry will tax the obliques and build core stability.



WODS 11/25/19 – 11/29/19

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Monday November 25

1 Round every 1:30×7 of the Macho Man
3 PC+3 FS+3 PJ must hold on to bar

“Randy Savage”
12 min AMRAP
3 power cleans 135/95
3 Front squats
3 Push Jerks
then 15 TTB

Today we are working on raw power. The right way to do this is to focus on efficiency and breathing. Use the beginning to work up to a comfortable weight and dial in good movement. Its ok to drop the power clean on the metcon. Slow and steady wins the race.


Tuesday November 26

15 sec L sit hang
20 Pushups

“Full Send”
Teams of 2
400m run(200m each)
30 KBS 70/53
500m row(250 each)
50 Abmat situps

We will continue to work hard on upper body strength as well as on the hip flexors. When our L sits get better, so does everything else. One works 1 rests. Split the run and the row. You will each sprint 200m/250 row.

Wednesday November 27

DU skills
Power snatch+2 OHS 2ct pause in hole 1 EMOTMx6 min

“Double Jointed”
15 min AMRAP
15 Overhead squats 95/65
30 DU
15 Deadlifts 95/65
30 DU


Thursday November 28: 8am class only

Happy Thanksgiving!  We are grateful for all of our members! Get your Team WOD on before you chow!


Friday November 29: 9am class only 



WODS Monday November 18 to Friday November 22

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Monday November 18

3 Power cleans EMOTMx7

“Honey Badger”

AMRAP 10 Minutes
15 Bar Facing Burpees
25 Power Cleans 115/75lbs
15 Bar Facing Burpees
25 Power Cleans 145/95lbs
15 Bar Facing Burpees
25 Power Cleans 165/115lbs

The EMOTM is to work on cycling effectively. I made the weights of the wod a bit lighter, because I don’t want you doing singles unitl the very end, if at all. Scale the weight so you can bring it on the burpees!


Tuesday November 19

L-sit on rings 15 sec
rest 15 sec
Hollow rock15 sec
rest 15 sec

DU skills

“Triple double”5rds
6 Strict DB press
25 Double unders
Dball carry 50m
25 Double unders
8 Strict Pullups
25 Double unders

No such thing as enough abs. L-sits and hollow rocks are hard but really help gymnastics as well as keeping all the turkey squeezed in. Pick a weight you can do for 3 sets of 6 without putting it down. After that 2 sets of 3 with a short rest is fine.


Wednesday November 20

3 way back squat wave
6-4-2 70-75-80
6-4-2 75-85-90
6-4-2 80-85-90

“Step Aerobics”

9 min AMRAP
50 DB step ups single DB 24/20 box
Max cal row/Bike in remaining time

This is a step up from the back squat waves we’ve done. This allows a little slower progression to the heavier weights. I’ll make this harder as time goes on, but I want to make sure it works with our timeline. The wod is short so you can SEND IT! Get those step ups done and attack the row/bike.


Thursday November 21

Rope climb skills

“GingerBread Man”
Run 800m
25 KBS 70/3
4 Rope climbs
Run 600m
20 KBS 70/53
3 Rope climbs
Run 400m
15 KBS 70/53
2 Rope climbs
Run 200m
10 KBS 70/53
1 Rope climb

The run is not a recovery. Start off at 80%,and set a goal of going a little faster each round. We’ll dial in the rope climbs at the beginning of class. Today should be hard on the heart and easy on the body.


Friday November 22

“Power bar”

Row 500m
12 Deadlift 225/155
10 Ring dips
Immediately into
10 Deadlift 275/185
8 Ring dips
6. Bike
Immediately into
1k Row/1.2 Bike

Another weight change wod. Be quick on the changes. The weights should be medium, then heavyish, but nowhere near failure. Wods like this are how we get better at strength and cardio!!



WODS 11/11/19 to 11/16/19

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Plan to bring a family member or friend this Saturday the 16th. It seems that those around us are interested in what CrossFitters do, yet it may be intimidating to come to a class. Saturday will be a fun way to introduce your friends and family. We’ll also plan to have a little breakfast style refreshment after.

Monday November 11

Veterans Day is a big deal, especially here in Coronado. Lets take a moment to be thankful for all who have served

“Chuck Heavy 2.0”
(in teams of 2)
2000m Row
100 Push-Ups
1 mile Run
100 Thrusters (45/35 lb)
100/70 Cal Bike


Tuesday November 12

Hang Power snatch+OHS+Hang snatch EMOTMx10

400m run
12 Hang power snatch 95/65
9 strict pullups

Never under estimate working from the hang. Its a great way to dial in bar bath and as well as be easy on the lower back. The wod weight should be light enough for you to RUN HARD.


Wednesday November 13

Back squat wave
10-8-6-4-2 / 70-75-80-85-90%

“Open Concept”
70/50 Calorie Row
Max Wallballs (20/14)
Rest 3 Minutes
50 Wallballs (20/14)
Max Calorie Row

Today is about getting a bit heavier with good form on the squats. These waves train our CNS to recruit fibers more efficiently. The wod is meant to really get the heart rate high, but be very low volume to allow adequate recovery.


Thursday November 14

Shoulder mobility/DU skills/Barbell cycling skills

15 min AMRAP
8 Push Press 115/75
50 DU
8 Dball/Bag over shoulder
50 DU
50m DBall/bag carry

Movement efficiency!!! Set a pace you can maintain and hold on. It should be just faster than conversational for the first 5 min, then pick it up if you feel good.


Friday November 15

3 sets
L hang 15 sec
15 Vups

8 min on 4 min off x2

4 Bar muscle ups
8 Goblet squats 70/53
12 Burpees
15 Jumping squats (hands on head)

Quads, quads, quads!!! The bar MU are the break:) Focus on your breathing here. I want the weights scale so you can go unbroken on all the squats. We can scale Bar MU to each ability as needed.


WODS 11/4/19 to 11/9/19

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Monday November 4

Back Squat Wave
6-4-2 / 70-80-85%
6-4-2 / 80-85-90%

6 strict Pull ups
12 DB stepups 24/20 50/35 x1
6 Toes to bar
12 DB Front squats 50/35 x2

The reps increase by 1 each set and the % drop just a little. % are a guideline. You should make each set with good form. The wod is all about endurance. I want the step-ups and squats unbroken!

Tuesday November 5

Teams of 2
“2 to Tango”

1200m run together
14 Power clean and Jerk 135/95
150 DU
800m run together
12 Power clean and Jerks 155/105
125 DU
400m run together
10 Power clean and Jerks 185/125
100 DU
200m run together
8 Power clean and Jerks 205/135
75 DU

1 works 1 rests. Use weights that are challenging but you can consistently move. Push the pace on the run, quick singles are fine on the lifts.


Wednesday November 6

Snatch PP+OHS+snatch balance 6 sets 40-70%


10 min AMRAP
12 OHS 95/65
10 Burpees
12 KB Swing 70/53

The snatch balance work really helped people 2 weeks ago. Thats gonna be here more. Attack the wod. The weights are light, and the reps are low. Send it!

Thursday November 7

“Sled Dog”
4 sets
5 min AMRAP

8 box jump overs
25m Suicide sprint
max cal row/bike/air/ski
Rest 3 min

Today we work on change of direction. I want you to plant and go on the suicides. Get to the rower with as much time on the clock as you can. This wod really trains aerobic capacity as you are having to perform repeated efforts.

Friday November 8

Close grip Bench Press 3×10

“Boulders for shoulders”
14 min AMRAP

6/6 DB clean and Jerk 50/35
100m run
24 Wallballs 20/14
100m run
2 Rope climbs

Upper body strength requires lots of patience. We’ll be training it forever. I want you to be able to get all 10 in a row every time. Focus on being consistent in the wod. Don’t start off too fast.

Saturday November 9


WODS 10/28/19 – 11/2/19

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Monday October 28

Teams of 2
2 rds
70 Wallballs (20/14) Females 9′ Target
50/35 Calorie Row
30 Alternating DB Power Snatches (50/35)
20 C2B pullups
100/70Cal row Cash Out

I am putting in partner wods during the week since we are doing the open Saturday. That being said, I want you to try and get 35/35 on the wallballs. Go for that big set since you have rest. Lets bring the heat on this wod as the rest will allow for some recovery.


Tuesday October 29

EMOTMx9 min
3 Hang power cleans

“Blood Thirsty”AMRAP 12:
12/9 Calorie Assault Bike
12 Deadlifts (155/105)
9 Hang Power Cleans (155/105)
9 Strict HSPU

The hang is a great way to work on barbell cycling. Don’t go for weight, go for efficiency during the EMOTM. I want you to pick up the pace on the bike. You’ll get rest on the HSPU. If you don’t have them, we’ll scale w/ mats or DB presses. We will spend a few min working on you position at the beginning of class.


Wednesday October 30

Back squat wave
5-3-1 / 72-79-86%
5-3-1 / 79-86-92%

“Hot sauce”
DB Push Press 50/35
Ball slams 40/30
Dball carry 50m

This is the 3rd week of our wave. As always, moving well trumps weight. Scale the load on the metcon so you can go fast! I want this to be a sprint.


Thursday October 31

8 strict pullups
20 sec L sit

“Long Kiss Goodnight”
800m Run
20 KBS 70/53
12 True Pushups
600m run
20 KBS 70/53
12 True Pushups
400m run
20 KBS 70/53
12 True pushups
200m run

Scale the KB so you can go unbroken. The run is the game here. Challenge-try and run negative splits each round.:)


Friday November 1

DU skills

Barbell cycling skills-2 power snatch+2 OHS EMOTMx7

“Big Mac”
15 min AMRAP
10 Power snatch 95/65
35 DU
10 OHS 95/65
35 DU

Slow is smooth smooth is fast. Your goal for this wod is to simply keep moving. Set a pace you can maintain and just hang on. Power snatch should be light. 3+rounds unbroken if you wanted. However, some people will do better with 5/5 from the get go.


Saturday November 2



WODS 10/21/19-10/26/19

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Monday October 21

“Point Break”
AMRAP 18: Teams of 2
20 DB Hang CJ (50/35)
15/12 Calorie Assault Bike
20 DB Box Step-Ups (24/20)
15/12 Calorie Assault Bikes
20 Toes to bar

Since we are doing the open Sat I thought I’d surprise you all with a team wod.  This is a great way to keep the intensity high and volume reasonable.  You should be able to split the work in half and ideally go unbroken all the way through.  I’d like everyone to bike if possible.  If not, ski or air runner.  We are rowing tomorrow.

Tuesday October 22

Back squats
5-3-1 72-77-82
5-3-1 79-84-89%
“The Quick and the Dead”
10 min AMRAP
100/70 Cal row
Max rds
25 WB 20/14
8/6 Strict Pullups
We are adding a little from last weeks wave.  If that was difficult, don’t add.  Quality movement trumps weight.  The wod is meant to give us some WB practice but not completely wreck the legs for the weekend.  I’d like you all to row if possible.  This type of wod will help prep you for the open.
Wednesday October 23
Snatch Balance
5×2 40-65% snatch-hold 2ct in hole
“Blade Runner”
400m run
8/6/4 Hang squat snatch 60-70-80%
8 Ring dips
Snatch balance are here to warmup your bottom position.  We need to work hard at getting under the bar.  Its a practice issue for most people.  The best way to fix it is to spend time down there and get comfortable.  The % are a guideline.  I want them to look pretty both for the snatch balance and hang snatch.
Thursday October 24
Deadlift 2 EMOTMx8
“MC Hammer”
Deadlift 275/185
Strict HSPU
30-24-18-12-6 Abmat situps
The EMOTM is a warmup.  Scale the HSPU with abmats or DB seated press.  Pace yourself on the lifts.  Being that the open is saturday, don’t be afraid to go lighter to save yourself if need be.
Friday October 25
Ring MU skills
“3 Ring circus”
50 DU
5 Mu
50 Du
15 DB front squats 50/35
20/15 Cal row
This is a longer wod but you won’t be doing a large amount of any one thing.  This should get you moving well and loosened up for tomorrow.  Scale the DB squats so you can go unbroken on round 1. This is a longer wod but you won’t be doing a large amount of any one thing.  This should get you moving well and loosened up for tomorrow.  Scale the DB squats so you can go unbroken on round 1.
Saturday October 26


WODS 10/14/19 to 10/18/19

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Monday October 14

10 wall squats
10-15 sec L hang

Snatch skills

“Snake Bite”
Big Lap
Power snatch 95/65
Toes to bar

Remaining time to work up to heavy single squat snatch preferred, Power snatch for newer folks

This is short and sweet. It should be a sprint. Set a weight you can do round 1 in 2 sets and round 2 unbroken. You have the rest of class to hit a snatch PR. Go get it!

Tuesday October 15

Back squat wave
5-3-1 70-75-80
5-3-1 77-82-87

“Gun Show”
8 min AMRAP
1,2,3,4… DB hang squat cleans 50/35
2,4,6,8… Pushups

Even though its the open, squat wods like this will keep us strong. Pace the wod! 8 min is a long time for these movements. Slow and steady will get you a solid score.

Wednesday October 16

10-15 L sit on rings

“Rug Mouse”
24 Minute Assault Bike or Row

On the 0:00, 4:00, 8:00, 12:00 16:00 and 20 min:
8/6 Strict Pullups
10 Burpees
25″ Double Dumbbell Front Rack Walking Lunge (50’s/35’s)

The goal for today is endurance. Your score is your number of carlories. Scale the reps of the movements so you can finish in under 2:30. Don’t start off too fast on the row/bike. Try and be consistent across the whole 24 min.

Thursday October 17

“Breakfast Club”
5 min AMRAP
8 Power clean 145/100
8 DB strict Press
30 DU
rest 3 min
6 Power clean 165/110
6 DB strict Press
40 DU
rest 3 min
5 min AMRAP
4 Power clean and Jerks 185/125
4 DB strict Press
50 DU

Strict pressing is hard. Its even harder when your tired. Use a weight on the DB that you can do 3 sets in a row. Keep the weight the same throughout the WOD. This WOD is all about technique. Think about being efficient from the get go.

Friday October 18

10 Vups
L hang or sit 10-15 sec
10 PVC Kang squats

Bar Mu skills

Run 600m
20 KBS 70/53
8 Bar Muscle ups
run 400m
20 KBS 70/53
6 Bar Muscle ups
Run 200m
20 KBS 70/53
4 Bar Muscle ups

You know they’re coming! The only way to get them is to keep working on them. There are 2 ways to do this wod. If you are good at bar muscle ups, I want you to run so hard you can’t do them. Thats how you get better. If not, hit the runs at 80% and break up the Mu early.


WODS 10/7/19 – 10/11/19

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Monday October 7

Banded warmup
L hang 20 sec
Lateral lunge

“Dead Meat”

40-30-20-10 Wallballs 20/14
2-4-6-8-10 Deadlifts 315/205
4-4-4-4-4 Bar Muscle ups

This is the toughest wod of the week. Its on Monday so you can be recovered for the open wod Saturday. Use a DL weight that is hard but not above 80% 1rm.


Tuesday October 8

Tabata hollow rocks

“Steady as she goes”
16 min AMRAP
200m run
12 Push Jerk 115/75
200m run
12 Box Jump overs 24/20

This is all about pacing. Try and be consistent. Better to start slow and build than die out.

Wednesday October 9

Back squat 3×10 add from last week

“Jumping Bean”
12 min AMRAP
30 DU
20 DB step ups 50/35
30 DU
20 KBS
30 DU
10 strict pullups

There can never be enough single leg. These will be in the open. More importantly, they correct imbalances and are easier on the back.

Thursday October 10


20 V-ups

banded inchworm

20 sec bar hang

5 min AMRAP
15 bar facing burpees
21 Power cleans
27 Cal row/bike
3 min rest
set 1 135/95
set 2 115/75
set 3 95/65

Instead of the weight going up, today it goes down. This means we want you to pick the pace up each round. I want you to pick weights you can get at least 7 in a row on round 1. The goal should be to get to the rower/bike as quickly as you can. This is great open prep.

Friday October 11

20 sec L hang
Max set of pushups should get 20/10+
Rest 2 min

“Lightning Bolt”
400m run
6/6 DB hang clean and Jerk 50/35

Today is mean to develop upper body and core strength, and be a little easier on the back and legs. L anything is hard. It will make your core stronger and when that gets better so does everything else. I want at least 15 pushups/round. Attack the runs. The reps are low enough that you should not have to put the dumbbell down. 

Saturday October 12

Open WOD 20.1

Sign ups for heats will be up on Friday

WODS 9/30/19 -10/4/19

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Monday 30 September

Every 90 secx7 sets start at 60%
hang power snatch+OHS+hang squat snatch

12 Deadlifts 115/75
9 Overhead Squats 115/75
6 Hang Power Snatches 115/75

The beginning piece will get your movement dialed in. You may go as heavy as perfect movement will allow. I want you to aim for 5 rds on the wod. Scale the weight so you can get close to that.

Tuesday 1 October

Pineapple Express

at 0:00
50/35 cal assault bike/Row
50 Strict HSPU, scale seated DB press
500m Row/.6 bike
21 Burpees over rower or laterally over bar

Today or focus is on building upper body strength/endurance. We’ll spend time opening up the T’spine, dialing in the position and then its go time. You should hit the first row or bike really hard. you’ll have plenty of rest for the HSPU. Wod 2 is a low skill high effort wod. This one that you need to send it!

Wednesday 2 October

Back squats 3×10 65-70%

75 DU
10/10DB 1 OH,1 FR lunges 2×50/35
12 TTB

The back squat % are merely a suggestion. I want 10 in a row, every time. No fails. Today is about getting the legs ready for high reps that you’ll see in the open. Scale the lunges to a weight you can get then all in a row. This reads 10/10 (so 10 with the L arm OH, R FR, then 10 with the hands the other way).

Thursday 3 October

2 Power cleans EMOTMx9 min 60%+

20 power cleans 135/95
50 abmat situps
400m run
15 power cleans 155/105
40 abmat situps
400m run
10 power cleans 185/125
30 abmat situps
400m run

The EMOTM is meant to warm you up. Most you will do quick singles on todays cleans outside of maybe round 1. Thats what we want. A consistent grind. Get ready to feel those abs!

Friday 4 October

C2B skills


3 Rounds:
30/20 Calorie Row/bike
15 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
Directly Into…
3 Rounds:
20 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches (50/35)
15 Thrusters (95/65)

We row and bike a ton because they are 100% safe, and really, really effective. Don’t be afraid to break up the C2B from the get go. Better to break it up early than have long rests later. I want you to use a weight on the thrusters that you can send it with. It should be light and fast. You’ll already be tired.