Wods for the week

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Monday, October 3rd


2 Deadlifts + 2 Power Cleans + 2 Front Sqauts + 2 Jerks (work up to a max)


6 Minute AMRAP of:
2 Deadlifts + 2 Power Cleans + 2 Fronts + 2 Jerks (80% of your max in the complex)

– then immediately following the AMRAP, complete Annie

Abmit Sit Ups

Tuesday, October 4th


EMOTM for 10 Minutes of:
2 Power Snatch + Overhead Squats


5 Rounds for time of:
7 Power Snatches (115/75)
7 Box Jump Overs
7 Knees to Elbows
Buy out 200 Meter Sandbag Run

Wednesday, October 5th


Back Squats 10-8-6-4-2 (70-75-80-85-90%)
Complete 1 Round every 3 minutes


4 Rounds for time of the following (complete 1 round every 5 minutes):
400 Meter Run
12 2 x Kettlebell Frount Rack Lunges (53//35)
12 GHD Sit Ups

Thursday, October 6th


Pull Ups and Dips max setsx3 E4M


Teams of 2 Complete:
8 Minute AMRAP of:
20/15 Calorie Bike/Row
Max Step ups with sandbag

– Rest 2 minutes

8 Minute AMRAP of:
20/15 Calorie Bike/Row/Ski Erg
Hang Squat Cleans (45/25)

Friday, October 7th


EMOTM for 8 minutes of:
Deadlift x 2 (start at 70% and don’t go above 85%)


Teams or 2 1 person does a complete set, then the other.

3 Rounds for time of:
50 Banded partner run
21 Wall Balls (20/14)
14 HSPUs
7 Deadlifts (315/205)

CFC Olympics

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CrossFit Coronado Olympics, Sep 10, 08_30-11(1)

The first ever CFC Olympics is this Saturday, September 10!  This will be decathlon style with 10 separate events to complete.  We will have a schedule and rotate everyone through the events to keep it going smooth.  This is 100% FREE for everyone and you don’t have to be a CFC member to come so invite a friend to join!  The events are listed below:

  • Max time plank hold, for men add 10 pound plate to your back every 30 seconds, for women add 10 pound plate every minute.  If plates fall off, you’re time is up.
  • Max distance slam ball throw (throw any way you want) 40/30#
  • Max distance double broad jump (must complete 2 broad jumps and distance is from start to finish.  You can’t move your feet after your first jump until you start your second jump.
  • 1 min max calories on the bike
  • 3min AMRAP 3 thrusters (75/55#) 3 over the bar burpees
  • For time, 50 wall balls (20/14#) then 25 box jump overs
  • 3 Rep Max clean, must keep hands on the bar the entire time
  • Max double unders in 2  minutes
  • Max weight moved in 1 minute via deadlift.  Score is weight x reps = total weight moved
  • For time: 6 man makers 45/25# then 25m suicide sprint

Come out and give it your best, cheer on your fellow gym buddies and maybe even join us afterwards for brunch in Coronado!

Click HERE to view the Facebook event and sign up there and/or on the sign up sheet at the gym if you’re able to join us!


What’s next

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Hey Outlier/CFC,


This Friday we will end our deadlift cycle with a 1 rm test.  I am really excited to see all your gains!  To recap to this point, we started the year with a back squat cycle, then went into a deadlift cycle.  Now we will shift focus for 3 weeks into dialing in position on the snatch and clean, as well as building endurance.  The week of April 25, we will test our max snatch, as well as fight gone bad for our endurance benchmark.  We will go through 3 weeks of position work and conditioning.  This means you will see things like halting snatch, and complexes like hang power snatch+power snatch+OHS.  The purposes of these complexes are to build the lifts piece by piece.  We’ve spent the last 4 months building strength, now we need to dial in technique.  The met cons won’t be quite as heavy, with an emphasis on speed and transitions.  Don’t worry, there will still be a few heavy ones:) After 3 weeks we will retest the snatch, and FGB.  This will lay the foundation for the next cycle.


The next cycle’s benchmarks will be the clean and Fran. These well blend well with each other as they are similar movement patterns. The previous strength work, along with the technique work from the previous cycles now needs to be applied in the clean. We’ll have been hitting longer wods up to this point, which serves the purpose of developing an aerobic base from which to build upon.


We will test Fran and the clean the same week as FGB and Snatch, and then train hard for 3 weeks. This will lead right into our intra-gym team comp, now know as the inaugural civil war!  With the aerobic base developed from the previous cycle, we will now go fast!   Fran is very much a test of the glycolytic anaerobic energy system. However, we are never in just one system, the glycolytic system does not kick in until the aerobic system can no longer meet the tasks energy demands. So you can see that a well developed aerobic cycle will help our sprint capacity. The types of wods at this point will be wods with lots of transitions, as well as intervals.  Interval based wods allow for a higher average intensity due to the rest involved as well as allow for a little heavier weight to be used without technique deteriorating.  The intervals will be varying amounts of time, ensuring that we hit all the time domains and don’t lose what we’ve built up to this point. As I mentioned, this will all lead up to our gyms only comp, June 18. If your interested in signing up, just tell one of the coaches, and we will put you on the list. The cost is $50, it gets you the comp, a shirt, and food will be catered. I am very excited about this and have wanted to do it for many years. I look forward to seeing all of you make tons of gainz!

Welcome to CFC Carrie!

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We are excited to announce a new addition to the CFC staff!  Carrie Hogan will be joining us mid-October coming all the way to Coronado from London.  She brings a wealth of knowledge on nutrition, strength training, yoga and more.

After five years developing her professional qualifications and experience in London, the yearning to explore her American dual-nationality became too great. Coupled with the knowledge that so many of her mentors reside in California, it became time for Carrie to follow her sense of adventure and move West. San Diego stole her heart in December of 2014 during her first visit, and has remained “top of the list” ever since.

She will be living in Coronado, next to the dog beach with her rescue Chihuahua “Bay” – a famously shy dog, Bay is elated to pass up the wet, grey London climate for a move to the sun!

Carrie is a self-confessed “recovering Type-A”, with an insurmountable love for movement, hiking, cooking, climbing and lifting heavy things.  Weightlifting, Yoga and Strength & Power training have become the invaluable vessels through which Carrie has built her strength and resilience in response to life’s challenges. Both a meditation and a movement practice, Carrie’s love for fitness and total health is one she hopes to make contagious.

Cooking has become a joy and creative outlet for Carrie in recent years as well as a key tool for health and performance.  She is an adventurous and playful, self-taught cook- with a taste for chili that makes most “normal” folks weep! Fortunately, she finds that love well-served here in San Diego.  Her interest in nutritional science developed after she experienced debilitating IBS in her teen years.  She attributes her full recovery from it to her love of cooking and eating real-food.

Carrie seeks to smile generously and dance daily. A long-time proponent of the stress-squashing benefits of dance, she wishes we all used it more – a free, innate human tool for melting physical tension and anxiety. Not to be reserved just for nights on the town!

Carrie is delighted to be joining the CrossFit Coronado community this October and looks forward to meeting each of you, ‘forging elite fitness’ and making new friendships under the SoCal sun.


Beach WOD July 11th at 09:00

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Join us Saturday, July 11th for a fun beach WOD.  We will meet across from Sunset Park and head down towards the water just south of dog beach.  As always, hitting the surf will be optional!


Nutrition 101

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Nutrition 101 will be kicking off tonight at 6pm.  We’ll be discussing a whole foods based diet with a paleo/primal approach.  Monday April 6 we will be kicking of a 21 day sugar detox in the gym.  Please use the link below to access more information on the 21DSD and to purchase the online e-support and print books (if you choose)



CrossFit Coronado has AWESOME Moms!

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Over the last 7 months, we have worked to develop a unique class in Coronado.  It’s a class where women of all abilities, ages, and parenting status (young kids, no kids, or grown kids) and even a few husbands can have an hour of dedicated workout time.  We watch your kids, you get in a workout.  It has evolved into an awesome group and we are proud of the accomplishments everyone in this class is making.  We see your Facebook posts about getting PRs, getting stronger than you had ever thought, and the hard workouts (but you keep coming back)!  Check out this post below from one of our Mom members!

“I think a lot of us moms can relate to the issue of finding the time, the motivation, and someone to watch the kiddos to get in a workout. If you are looking for motivation, empowerment, and child care come to CrossFit Coronado’s 10:00 am class, unofficially named “The Mom’s Class”, though you don’t have to be a mom to come.  Having been a long time member of CrossFit Coronado “The Mom’s Class” has been my favorite class to attend.  I am motivated and encouraged by the other members, the time is so convenient, and the best part of all there is a trustworthy adult watching my children and I get an hour of “me time”.  Furthermore,  I have received so much support within “The Mom’s Class”.   Clint is an awesome trainer and every time I workout I feel as though I am getting a one on one personal training session.  Kim has wonderful nutrition advice and is always finding ways to bring us together outside the gym.   There is so much to be said about the women who workout in the class as well.  I have found friendships forming as we discuss our daily lives or funny stories about our children while we mobilize, and our children are even forming friendships.   CrossFit Coronado has much more to offer than just an amazing work out that reaps results.  Here are a few other awesome things about “The Mom’s Class”, positive encouragement among members in the class, friendships, building of self esteem, advice with making healthy life style changes, empowerment, self esteem booster, and feeling strong inside and out!  Every class I walk away feeling amazing both physically and emotionally.  I hope you will join me!”

If you are interested in trying our “Moms” class you do NOT have to be a mom or bring kids (although we’ll happily watch your kiddos for you while you work out).  We offer a free trial class to anyone interested.  Please email kim@crossfitcoronado.com to let us know when you’d like to try a class or if you have any questions.

CrossFit Coronado Olympic Lifting Program

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We will be adding in a cycle to help develop the snatch and clean and jerk, starting Jan 12. This cycle will follow a 3 weeks on, 1 week deload pattern. The first week the weights are a bit lighter, and progressively get heavier as the weeks progress, with maxes at the end. The purpose of week 4 is recovery of the mind and body.

At the end of the cycle, we will analyze the results, and create another one based on how everyone has progressed. It is imperative that you be coachable.   See this article, http://journal.crossfit.com/2012/01/think-like-a-bumblebee-train-like-a-racehorse.tpl. If the program says sets of 5 at 65% and 70%, that does not mean do 90% if the weight feels light. Doing so will lead to central nervous system fatigue, and you won’t be able to go heavy when its programmed. Saturdays are the day that we have you guys going heavy, as Clint or Katie will be there to give correction.   To be successful, you need to eat well, do mobility, and be coachable.

There will be 5 workouts a week, with day 5 being Oly class at 9am Saturday. During the week, you can hit these wods during open gym, or the 6pm class. If you go at 6pm be courteous to the coaches and people in the class. They have priority on space and equipment. You will need to lift on the back racks and if the 6pm class needs the space, you’ll have to wait (but that’s a perfect opportunity to do mobility).

Now, how do you incorporate the CrossFit wods with this program? First you must begin with the end in mind. Why do you want to get better at Olympic lifting. We have two general reasons, to be a competitive weightlifter, or because Olympic lifting makes you better at other stuff. That other stuff could be CrossFit, running, jumping etc. I suspect that most of you are in the 2nd category. If that’s the case, back down to 3 wods a week for this first 3 week cycle. After that if you are recovering well, you can adjust from there. That being said, you need to talk to the coach about how to best scale the wod. For example, if we are doing a 5rm Deadlift in the regular class, you would just want to stay below 70%. Deadlifting heavy combined with all the Oly lifting is a great way to fry your back. If we are squatting that day, you should sub that with what ever the Oly squat program has you doing. You don’t need to repeat stuff, so if pull ups/dips are in the class, you don’t need to do it again in the lifting.

The template we will use has a snatch related exercise, a clean related exercise, a squat of some sort, an overhead exercise, and core work EVERY DAY. If you are interested in this program or have questions, email Clint@crossfitCoronado.com. You will need coaches approval to join the program and be able to do the work during the 6pm class. 6pm class is not open for people to “do their own thing” unless they are following this program.  At the present time, we are NOT charging extra for this program.

Schedule for when you can do these workouts:

Sunday 1-3pm

Monday 11am-3pm, 6-7pm

Tuesday 6-8pm

Wednesday 11am-3pm, 6-7pm

Thursday 6-8pm

Friday 7-9am

Saturday – 9am Olympic lifting class

Swolemate Showdown Registration

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swolemate showdown flier

How to Register

You’ll Click Here to access the registration site. Please note we are doing registration through CrossFit Coronado’s Mind Body site – the competition will be at Outlier CrossFit. Once you pull up the link follow these steps:

Select intermediate or advanced.

Create a loggin/password.

Select enroll.

Checkout and enter payment information.

Only one person for the team needs to register. That person will pay the full team registration amount ($130 before Jan 12, $150 Jan 12 and after). You will get 2 confirmation emails. One email is just a receipt for payment. The second email has important information regarding the competition. You will need to reply to that email as it requests with information for both you and your partner regarding shirt size. You will sign liability waivers when you check in for the competition.

Registration is non-refundable. You may transfer your spot to another athlete anytime before Feb 1.

Let us know if you run into problems. We look forward to seeing you at the competition!

Intermediate or Advanced? Which should I choose?
Intermediate athletes should be able to do:
Thrusters 95/65
Deadlift 225/135 for reps
Powerclean 135/85 for reps
single jump rope
S2O 115/75 for reps
Box Jump 24/20
Wallballs 20/14
53/35 KBS

Advanced athletes should be able to do:
PP/PJ 155/105 for reps
Power clean 185/115 for reps
Double unders
Chest to bar pullups
Thrusters 135/95 for reps
Front squat 185/125 for reps
toes to bar
70/53 KBS
Basically rx the wods at your gym

The First WOD is:

12 min AMRAP
One person bikes on the air assault at all times. Every calorie biked is one point.
Second person completes 2 rounds of
8 alternating front rack lunges with 2 kettle bells (53/35)*
8 box jump overs (30/24)*
8 deadlifts (275/185)*
After 2 rounds partners switch biking/reps. Every rep is one point. Score for the wod is total combined points from the calories biked and reps completed.

*For intermediate the wod part will be:
8 goblet squats with a kettlebell (53/35)
8 box jump overs (24/20)
8 deadlifts (225/135)
Bike and scoring is the same.


Email us info@crossfitcoronado.com or call 619-405-7429

Holiday Schedule and new programs in 2015

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Holiday closures/classes are as follows:

12/24 – one class 09:00

12/25 – CLOSED

12/26 – one class 09:00

12/31 – one class 09:00

1/1 – one class 09:00

All other days will be on regular schedule.

Beginning in 2015 we are excited to be mixing it up a little!

Effective 1/2, open gym hours will be as follows:

Mon/Wed 11-3

Tues/Thurs 7pm-8pm* The roll up doors will have to be closed but the gym WILL be open, use the side door.

We will no longer have open gym during the day Tues/Thurs but if Clint’s at the gym studying feel free to drop in and work out!

Saturday 10-12

Sunday 1-3

Bootcamp classes will now be offered Mon/Wed from 11:30-12:15 starting Jan 5.  This is a great way to get in a good workout without needing to complete the basic movements series needed for the regular classes.