Wods 8/27/18-8/31/18

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1rm Power clean!
3 EMOTMx3 up to 70%
Rest 1 min
2 EMOTMx3 min up to 85%
rest 1 min
1 EMOTMx7 up to max

10 min AMRAP
10 Power cleans 95/65
30 DU

This setup will warmup the CNS for the heavier loads. Focus on a perfect setup for the 3’s and 2’s. They are merely a warmup. The singles are where we get heavy as long as form is good.  The wod should be very light weight. We want constant movement for 10 min.


Front squat 3×7 75%

400m run
12 Front squat 155/105
12/8 Strict pullups

We do the CFT next week. This will keep our legs strong and not overly tax the low back.
Yes, there are strict pullups in the wod. They are good for all of your shoulders and will help more advanced movements.
This wod should feel like a mile to mile and a half run! Hit rd 1 at 85% and adjust from there.


Teams of 2
25 min AMRAP
60 Cal Row/Bike
50 DB snatch 50/35
40 Burpees over DB(lat)
15/15 single arm DB push press 50/35
20 Toes to bar
10 ring dips

This is our interval wod for the week. Switch when the pace slows, not when you fail. The goal is consistency the whole time. 1:1 work rest ratio is one of the best documented ways to develop aerobic capacity.

1 works 1 rests


Rope climb skills

5 Deadlift E2Mx5 sets 65-80% all deadstop

6 min AMRAP
200m run
then max rounds in remaining time
10 Front rack lunges 115/75
2 Rope climbs

rest 3 minx2

Don’t go above 80% on the DL. We max next week. This is not intended to take you to failure. We want fast transitions on the wod. 85% on the run, then hit the lunges at a pace you can take a breath every rep. Your breath is your pace setter, any faster and you will die out, giving you a lower overall score.  Try and beat your score on round 2.


10 seated DB Press
15 Vups or GHD situps

Man makers 50/35
Plyo Jumps
SOL Carry 50m

Pressing from a seated position prevents hyperextension. It will also help develop better position overhead. PACE YOURSELF ON THE MAN MAKERS! Breath inbetween every piece and you will get a MUCH faster time. Work smart!

The GHD situps work the front of the core, while the SOL balance out the obliques. We tend to get imbalanced in the trunk and this is how we correct it.

What’s next!

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Hey guys,

Over the next 2 weeks, we are going to test out several different things.  On Monday, we test out our power clean, and then the following week we test the CrossFit total, followed by Championships Helen.  Power cleans are a great indicator of explosive power, the CFT of brute strength, and Championship Helen is one of my favorite tests of endurance.  The Total and Championship Helen consist of:

Back squat 1rm

Press 1rm

Deadlift 1rm


400m Run

21 American KBS 53/35

12 Pullups

We will retest these movements before the Christmas party in December.  Once we nail down the date, we will post it.  At CFC, we believe that if you improve across all aspects of fitness, ie, become a more formidible human, your blood work,( HgA1C, cholesterol, resting HR, blood pressure etc.) will improve.  In simple terms, if we get stronger, improve our endurance, and increase our bodies ability to perform physical tasks, we are healthier.

If your goals are more performance based, 2 things matter, how much power you can produce, relative to what you can sustain.  We aim to increase both.

Once everyone has completed these, I will develop a cycle based on the results that will help move the needle to the right in a safe and progressive manner.

I look forward to seeing everyone progress!

WODs 8/20-24

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Monday 20 August

3 Position Snatch Every 3 Minutes x 6

1k Row/1.2 Bike
50 Dumbbell Snatch 50/35
1k Row/1.2 bike

Today we build the snatch piece by piece. This wod is a sprint chipper. Hit the 1st row at 85%, and then attack the DB snatch. Empty the tank on the last row.

Tuesday 21 August

6 min AMRAP
200m Run
9 Hang Power Cleans
9 Push Press 115/75
9 Burpees

Rest 3 Minutes

6 min AMRAP
400m Run
7 hang Power Cleans
7 Push Press 135/95
7 Burpees

3 Minute Rest

6 min AMRAP
600m Run
5 Hang Power Cleans 155/105
5 Push Press
5 Burpees

For each 6 min AMRAP the run is only done once and then it is max rounds of the clean/push press/burpees.

Hit the runs at 85-90%. You want to make sure you have as much time as possible on the complex. Keeping the cleans from the hang allows faster cycling, is less technically challenging, and is easier on the legs and back. Focus on mechanics for the complex. Take a breath every rep and keep the bar tight!

Wednesday 22 August

Back squat 10-8-6-4-2

5 Rounds*
8 Dumbbell Thrusters 50/35
8 Knees to Elbows

*Every minute stop where you are and complete 5 push ups

Today’s strength piece hits both muscular endurance and maximal strength. I suggest sitting down in between sets to ensure your legs fully recover. Scale the metcon so you can get the thrusters unbroken!!! Try to do as few push ups as possible.  This one is a sprint. Go get’em!

Thursday 23 August

Muscle Up Skills

5 Rounds
3 Muscle Ups
10 Box Jump Overs 24/20
15 KBS (Russian) 70/53
50m Front Rack Carry 70/53
200m Run

The reps on the muscle ups are low so they can be done unbroken or with a short rest. We will continue adding in high skill gymnastics movements with low reps, because that gives everyone an opportunity to get better. The other movements are here to be easy on the lower back but keep the heart rate high.

Friday 24 August

3 x 10
Strict Pull Ups

Cal Row
Wall Balls 20/14

Strict upper body movements may not be exciting, but we all need them. They build shoulder stability for more complicated movements. Today’s wod is a bit of a gut check. Earn that weekend!!!

WODs 8/13-17

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Monday 13 August

Rope climb skills

3 Power clean EMOTM x 8

800m run
12 power cleans 155/105
3 rope climbs
600m run
8 power cleans 155/105
2 Rope climbs
400m run
4 power cleans 155/105
1 Rope climb

We are going to emphasize upper body pulling strength over the next few weeks. Use the EMOTM to dial in the power cleans. For the wod, try and get the power cleans unbroken.  The reps go down each round to encourage you all to push connecting the cleans. Run at 85-90%.  We will scale the rope climbs either by height, laying down, or reps.

Tuesday 14 August
Back squat 3×7 75%

15 min AMRAP
16 OHL 53/35 KBx1
16/12 cal row/bike

Most of our squatting needs to be in the 70-80% range with a few exceptions. This allows progress without overtraining. Single limb movement correct imbalances and improve stability. We’ll mobilize the T-spine to help with the overhead lunges. Set a pace that’s a little bit slower for round 1. If you feel good, then pick it up.

Wednesday 15 August

6x100m sprints alternate with a partner

6 min AMRAP rest 3 min x 2
1/1, 2/2, 3/3…
Bar facing burpees
Deadlift 185/125

Start over on round 2 and try and beat your score.

Sprints activate more muscles and have the highest energy expenditure of just about anything we can do. They will also warmup the fast twitch muscles in the hamstrings before we deadlift.  We can scale this with a 200m row or 15/10 cal bike. Breath every rep on the wod. Let that set your pace. The key to this wod is efficiency. Focus on moving well!

Thursday 16 August

3x 5/5 TGU
15 GHD situps

15 min to complete the following:
200m slam ball run 40/30
20 slam balls
20 single arm push press 53/35
20 AKBS 53/35
20 Box jump overs 24/20
100m slam ball run 40/30
10 slam balls
10 single arm push press 53/35
10 AKBS 53/35
10 Box jump overs 24/20
Max Cal on Row or bike in remaining time:)

TGU’s are one of the best movements for unilateral stability as well as shoulder stability. The idea behind the chipper is that you want to get through it with as much time on the clock as possible so you can get as many calories as you can. The overall volume of reps is low but this will really hammer the aerobic energy system.

Friday 17 August
3x 10 close grip bench
8/8 DB single arm rows

DB Front squats 50/35
Chest to bar pull ups
50 Double Unders/round

Bench is paired with DB rows to get in a horizontal push and pull.  Our aim with the programming is and always will be creating balance.  These body building moves have tremendous value when applied in this manner.   Squatting with DB takes the front rack mobility out of the picture and puts a greater emphasis on stability.  I want to see you use a weight that you can do in max 2 sets.  The goal is continuous movement.  If you have to break up the set of 25 in more than 2 chunks its too heavy.

WODs 8/6-8/11

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Monday 6 August
2 Snatch EMOTM x 8

3 Full Snatches 135/95
50 DU’s
250 Meter Row

We are entering a deload week to give our legs a break from the squats.  Today is low reps of the snatch to allow us to really focus on form.  If your bottom position needs work, hold it down there during the emotm.

Tuesday 7 August

5 Rounds For Time
400 Meter Run
4 Strict HSPU
10 DB Front Rack Lunge 50/35
20 Abmat Sit Ups

We are going to spend some time opening up everyone’s shoulders as well as working on getting everyone upside down.  On the HSPU, scale it so you can get atleast 4 in a row for 2 rounds.  The reps are low so that you can get them in without slowing down a ton.

Wednesday 8 August
10 sets Barbell Complex (Deadlift + Power Clean + Front Squat + Push Press) with empty bar

5 Min Work/3 Min Rest
9 Rounds of 1 Deadlift + 1 Power Clean + 1 Front Squat +1 Push Press 135/85
Max Cal Row/Bike

7 Rounds of 1 Deadlift + 1 Power Clean + 1 Front Squat +1 Push Press 155/105
Max Cal Row/Bike

5 Rounds of 1 Deadlift + 1 Power Clean + 1 Front Squat +1 Push Press 185/125
Max Cal Row/Bike

Focus on the movement, especially in the warm up.  As you progress through the workout the weights will get heavier but the reps will decrease.  Focus on breathing in between each movement and then go all out on your row/bike.  Scale the weight to where you only have to break up the first round once or not at all.

Thursday 9 August
Skill work on Toes To Bar
Barbell cycling

Partner Chipper
Big Lap
100 Double Unders
75 Power Clean & Jerk 115/75
50 Barbell Facing Burpees
25 Toes to Bar
Big Lap

Cycling the bar is a skill, independent of strength.  We will spend time working on how to efficiently connect reps for PC&J.  One person works, 1 rests, so push the pace!

Friday 10 August
Tempo Front Squats (3,2,1) @70% 5 x 5 sets

Thrusters 95/65

70% is light, but not for this tempo.  This is a great way to build strength without adding a ton of load.  Increasing the time under tension will build strength in the bottom position as well as keep us engaged in the core and posterior chain for the duration of the lift.  For Fran, this is a SPRINT.  That being said, scale the weight/pullups so you can do each round in with minimal breaks.

Saturday 11 August
Review: Bar Muscle Ups

4 Rounds for Time
2 Bar Muscle Ups
10 Slam Balls 40/30
20 KB DL 75/53
30 Cal Row/Bike
Shuttle Sprint 25m

July’s Featured Athlete: Brian

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IMG_3150Meet Brian Gilhooly.  Brian started here in June of 2011.  The thing that stood out to me immediately about Brian is his humility and can do attitude.  He had been a college swimmer, and had done all of the lifts as part of his training.  He elected to do fundamentals with me because he really wanted to have a solid foundation.   Brian saw CrossFit as a way to continue to be at a high level of fitness, help with his running, and help him on his masters swim team.  He has occupied the far right platform at the front of the gym ever since then on most mornings at 6am.

IMG_3257Brian loves CFC, because he walks here from his house, a coach provides a structured warmup and workout for him to do, and there are nice people here to train with.  Brian has been with CFC through him moving several times, remodeling his home, adding 2 more children to his family, and numerous other life experiences.  He loves that he can just show up to the gym and not have to worry about planning a workout or what to do – the coaches take care of that!

IMG_3106We love having Brian as a part of CFC.  Fellow gym members enjoy the extra push to try and beat his times/weights.  He has a quiet calm demeanor that has been a rock with our morning crew.  Brian has taken a new position which will require him to move to DC.  Our 6am class n’t be quite the same without him!  We wish him the best in DC and look forward to seeing him when he comes back to Coronado to visit!


WODs July 30 – August 4

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Monday 30 July
Find 1RM Back Squat

12 min AMRAP
10 cal bike/row
10 RKBS 70/53
10 Goblet squats
10 TTB


It’s that time, today we see all our effort pay off with our 1 RM Back Squat. Make sure to get some good warmup reps in before going all out.

Tuesday 31 July
Pull Up Skills

Power Cleans 185/125
Chest to Bar Pull Ups

Todays skill is Pullups! Whether you want to focus on strict or get some coaching for your kip today is the day.

Wednesday 1 August
Close Grip Bench Press x 10
15 GHD Sit Ups

4 Rounds for Time
250m Row/.3 bike
6/6 KB Snatch 53/35 (from hang)
7 ball slams
12 Jumping lunges

Todays Metcon is meant to be a burner. Try to work through all 4 rounds without taking much of a break.

Thursday 2 August
5 Man Makers 40/25
10 Ring Dips

4 Rounds
400m Run
15 Burpees
50m Front rack carry 1×70/53 KB

The strength portion today may take a few minutes so the work capacity we wanted short and sweet. Another 4 rounder but its a perfect amount of rounds to push our HR without going into full fatigue.

Friday 3 August
2 Deadlift EMOTM x 8 min
60-80% all dead stop

10 Deadlifts 225/155
50 Double Unders
8 Deadlifts 245/175
60 Double Unders
6 Deadlifts 275/185
50 Double Unders
4 Deadlifts 315/205
50 Double Unders
2 Deadlifts 335/225

The EMOM is meant to be a warmup for our glutes and hammies. This will be the primer for the deadlift metcon to follow. Throughout the workout the reps will go down but pay attention to the weights as they do get heavy. Make sure you are able to hit all your deadlifts safely and with perfect form each time.

Saturday 4 August
Run 1 Mile


60 Air Squats
50 Abmat Situps
40 Pullups
30 Pushups
20 Toes to Bar


Wods July 23rd-28th

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Monday 23rd


Back Squats 3×5 reps@ 60%,65%,70%


16 Front rack lunges 115/75
16 Box Jump overs 24/20
16 Hand Release Pushups

Back Squat Mondays, hope everyone is staying consistent with these. We will plan to max out once we get through the entire cycle. Please make sure you’re keeping track of your weights!

Tuesday 24th


Rope Climb


400m run
21 Power cleans 115/75
9 Rope climbs
400m run
15 Power cleans 115/75
7 Rope climbs
400m run
9 Power cleans 115/75
5 Rope climbs

Skill Tuesdays! This week we are focusing on Rope Climbs. If you are uncomfortable with your foot position this is the day to come. We will break down the rope climb, work on technique and teach progressions for those working on their first climb!

Wednesday 25th 


Odd 5 Push press
Even 5 TTB

EMO2M x3

20 WB 20/14 ( 2 Mins)
20 T2B ( 2 Mins)
20 PP @ 95/65 ( 2 Mins)

Rest 3 MINS

20 WB 20/14
20 T2B
20 PP 95/65
Rest 2 min
Big lap

Lift today is the Push Press, we want to work on connecting the reps together. Want to focus on control and keeping our body under tension, we will be working from the rack to accomplish this. This lift will carry over into our workout which is focused on light weight , fast reps to keep our HR up. Scores will be however many reps you can complete in each EMOM in it’s entirety. I.E EMO2M x 3 will equal 1 complete score and the EMOM 6 will equal 1 complete score. Each individual will have a total of two scores to give the coach at the end of the workout. 


Thursday 26th


Ring Dips 5×5


6/6 DBHPC and Jerk 50/35

60 Double Unders

15/12 CAL Bike/Row ( Calories are for Male/Female)

Todays strength is ring dips, want to focus on keeping those elbows in and that core nice and tight. Our METCON today is meant to push our HR but give our quads a break.

Friday 27th

LIFT Deadlifts – 5×5@80%


25m Shuttle sprint
50m Front rack carry (Other way) 53/35×2
30 Russian Twists 10lbs

Its Deadlift Friday! Make sure you are staying patient with your hips and not allowing them to shoot up first when executing this lift. These are all deadstop so do not use the bounce to assist. Deadlifts are an awesome Power lift that carry over into multiple other movements.

Saturday 28th

Teams of 2


1 Partner runs 400 meter while second Partner works 


4 Strict Pullups 

6 DBHPS 50/35 

8 KTE 

10 Box Jumps 24/20

This is a awesome AMRAP that not only incorporates team work but keeps everyone moving at a steady pace. Score will be the total amount of reps the team as a whole earns.

Wods July 16th – 21st

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Monday 16th


Back Squats 3 set x 5 reps @ 75%,85%,95%



Sprint 200 Meter

20 Du’s

20 Wall Balls


Tuesday 17th



20 min AMRAP

5 Bar Mu

5/5 DB snatch 50/35

15 KBSDL 70/53

20/15 Cal row/bike


Wednesday 18th



Power snatch+2 OHS



5 RFT 400 Meter Run 15 OHS 95/65


Thursday 19th

EMOTM 6 2 Power Clean and Jerk


3 min AMRAP 1 min rest

10 PCJ 135/95 + 5 BB Facing Burpess

3 min AMRAP 1 min rest

8 PCJ 155/105 + 6 BB Facing Burpees

3 mins AMRAP 1 min rest

6 PCJ 185/125 + 7 BB Facing Burpees

3 min AMRAP 1 min rest

4 PCJ 205/135 + 8 BB Facing Burpess

3 mins AMRAP 1 min rest

2 PCJ 225/155 + 9 BB Facing Burpees


Friday 20th


Front Squats

4 sets x 5 reps @70-80%



500m row

2 Rope climbs

30 Abmat situps


Saturday 21st


Teams of 2

60 Deadlifts 135 / 95lb

30 Burpees

60 Front Squats 135 /95lb

30 Burpees

60 Push Press 135 / 95lb

30 Burpees

Then with remaining time complete as many as possible- Clean & Jerk ( Can also Power) 135 / 95lb

Wods July 9th – 13th

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Monday July 9th

LIFT Back Squats 3×3 @ 80%,85%,90%



1000 meter row

50 Thrusters #45

30 Pullups

Week 2 of our heavy squat progression. This type of lifting causes us to recruit more muscle fibers at a faster rate(% above 80% 1-3 reps) and doesn’t tend to cause muscle soreness. We finish with a CF classic. Hit the row at 85%. If you go too fast, you will pay!

This is a great way to start the week. Heavy squats then a sprint metcon. Jackie is only the bar for 50 reps.


Tuesday July 10th



– 40 Du’s

– 50 Meter SOL Walk 50/35

– 15 Burpees

Yesterday was heavy. Today we work endurance. We will spend a good deal of time trying to improve everyones DU as well as mobilizing the ankles.


Wednesday July 11th


3x6reps clgrp Bench @75%
Superset with 8 Strict chinups



3 reps -Strict Press+Push Press 115/85

Rest 2 Mins


2 rep – Push Press + Jerk 125/105

Rest 2 Mins


2 rep – Jerk 135/115


Thursday July 12th

E2MOM x 12 MIN

1 Power clean+3FS

7 Front squats115/75

50 Meter Heavy Farmer Carry 53/35

10 box jump overs 24/20

50 Meter Heavy Farmer Carry

4 wall walks

We will work up to a heavy 3 FS from the floor. Picking it up this way also allows us to train power cleans. The workout is meant to be a sprint. The weight should be light and unbroken. Control the breathing in the farmers carry and stay smooth in the wall walks.

Friday July 13th



– 5×5 all deadstop @75%

15 min AMRAP
15 cal bike/row
10/7 ring Dips
12 Ball slams 40/30

Don’t go past 75% DL is a movement that doesn’t need to be taken to max effort very often. Deadstop have more carryover pulling power from the floor. The goal for the wod is to hold a steady pace. Scale the dips so they can be done in 2 sets if absolutely necessary.

Saturday July 14th

Teams of 2

Run 800 Meter

Rest 1 Min


20 Power Snatch 105/75

20 OHS

20 T2B