Nutrition Challenge Spreadsheet

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The nutrition/fitness challenge has officially started!  Today’s WOD, Fight Gone Bad, is the benchmark.  If you make any modifications to the workout today, make sure you record what you changed so that when you redo the WOD in 6 weeks you replicate it and get a true measure of your improvement! The point sheet is… Read more »


2014 Challenge Rules

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Nutrition Challenge “Rules” Challenge officially starts with point tracking on Monday, May 19 and ends on Sunday, June 29 (midnight) Meals need to follow stricter paleo guidelines along the lines of Whole 30 with the exception listed below. So, NO sweeteners (honey, maple syrup, agave, etc). Alcohol of any type (even the purest of tequila)… Read more »

Kelly the SEAL Sprinter

What do you do outside the gym?

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A lot of us at CrossFit Coronado do CrossFit as way to stay in shape so we can do the things we love to do outside the gym.  We always get excited when we hear about our members participating in things in the community.  Check out Kelly doing the SEAL sprint triathlon last weekend.  She… Read more »


Paleo Meal Swap Saturday March 29th

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We are bringing back the paleo meal swaps!  It’s an awesome way to try new paleo recipes that someone else cooks for you!  The only catch is you have to cook and provide a meal as well. The meal swap will be Saturday March 29th at 11am at the gym! Anne O. is coordinating the… Read more »


2014 CrossFit Open at CFC

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If you haven’t yet signed up for the 2014 CrossFit Open, you should!  Even if you have no desire to compete, don’t think you can do all the WODs Rx, or aren’t sure if you can even be in the gym to complete all 5 WODs.  Why would you sign up?  It’s simple: COMMUNITY!  What… Read more »

schedule change

Holiday Schedule Modifications and changes for 2014

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The holiday schedule is as follows for the next two weeks: Adult Regular Classes: 12/23 Mon – Regular schedule 12/24 Tues – One class 9am 12/25 Wed – CLOSED – Merry Christmas! 12/26 Thus – Class at 09:00, Class at 04:00 12/27 Fri – Regular schedule 12/28 Sat – Regular schedule 12/29 Sun – Regular schedule 12/30 Mon… Read more »